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Skilled negotiations are important. Just as important is having an expert team that understands the business at hand. Together, we possess more than 30 years of considerable international real estate, shopping center and retail experience. It is precisely this blend of our experts’ knowledge of location, legal and finance issues that makes our company so unique in Austria.

This expertise results in numerous benefits to you, since our service is far from complete even after having found the perfect strategic solution. Using our goal-oriented approach, we also directly implement all planned measures for you. Our decent know-how and our competence in all relevant fields make this possible.

Matthias Novak - Finance

Matthias is responsible for all the financial and economic matters of BergsTopp’s services. BergsTopp’s location and legal services are based on prevailing economic conditions and appropriate strategies, and Matthias is an expert in these areas. From handling arguments related to the economy during a negotiation to evaluating location and contract portfolios a well done business analysis is always fundamental.

+43 664 883 995 61

Reinhard Uhl - Legal (Of-Counsel)

Reinhard is one of the BergsTopp team’s legal experts. He specializes in advising domestic and international retail and shopping center operators on all questions related to tenancy and real estate law. Reinhard displays his competence regularly in negotiating and preparing tricky contracts and finding solutions to complex legal questions. 

+43 660 90 10 200

Hannes Pachler - Legal (Of-counsel)

Hannes primarily supports international retailers making their first steps onto the Austrian retail market, looking for the best and most profitable retail locations available. He also helps landlords identifying suitable retailers for their premises and investors in choosing top-pick retail investment objects. Hannes is renowned for finding creative solutions for unconventional challenges.

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