Every Retailer knows

the right Location is half the Battle

Catchment Area

Furthermore, every retailer knows: it is not always easy to judge the quality of a specific location. BergsTopp helps you thereby and evaluates – taking into account your very requirements – locations as to their commercial sustainability. 

Based on our long standing experience with the Austrian retail market we assess both existing as well as potential future locations and thus support our customers’ internal decision-making process. Only sufficient and precise information allow you to take sound decisions when it comes to the selection and/or assessment of a location. 

Our analyses take into account all relevant criteria determining the quality of a location, such as:

  • Micro location
  • Macro location
  • Catchment area
  • Potential volume of sales
  • Competition


Evaluation of potential new locations

The decision for or against a specific new location is of vital importance for the success of a retailer and should be taken with utmost care and safeguarded against possible imponderabilities. Our location analysis x-rays a potential new location as regards surrounding, catchment area and competition and provides comprehensive data for taking an informed investment decision. Moreover, our findings may also be used for negotiations with the landlord (e.g. relation of potential volume of sales to rent level). 

Evaluation of existing locations and location portfolios

Retailers invest huge amounts of time and money into a modern shop fit-out, a well-balanced assortment of goods and qualified sales personnel. The question, however, whether a certain location is still profitable or not is often missed out. As the market and the market environment are subject to constant change retailers are well advised to regularly check the commercial sustainability of each single location. Only by doing so, hidden sales potential as well as reasons for declining sales volumes may be identified at an early stage. 

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