One asset in mind

Many steps still ahead

BergsTopp offers professional support in the buying and selling of retail space. In the event of a sale, we handle all necessary preparations with regard to the real estate involved, including all contractual documentation. We work together with you as transaction managers throughout the real estate acquisition process and stand strongly at your side in all contract negotiations. When it comes to a purchase, we evaluate the economic and legal content of the various contracts at issue and suggest development concepts and ideas. Of course, we also stand by you on the buyer’s side in all necessary negotiation discussions.

Our many years of experience in the M&A business allow us to function as a gateway between all advisors, thus ensuring a rapid and efficient transaction procedure. Our knowledge of the market and the local market players provides you with a decisive head-start, and allows you to complete a typical transaction marathon within the quickest possible timeframe.

Are you planning on purchasing a shopping center or other retail space? BergsTopp will be pleased to accompany you on the path to acquiring your “Dream Real Estate.” We will explain the intricacies of the market, point out the competition and lead you through the purchase process. If necessary, we will put you in touch with the best local specialists, such as tax experts and technical consultants. Upon Closing, the service we provide to you is far from over since we immediately return to work by looking for additional untapped potential opportunities.

  • Introduction to the market
  • Analysis of location and competitors
  • Selection of advisors
  • Transaction management
  • Gateway function
  • Contract monitoring
  • Contract negotiation
  • Signing and Closing preparation
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