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Welcome to BergsTopp, your international Retail and Center Management consulting firm. We offer comprehensive business and legal advice on all issues related to the leasing and renting of retail space, the management and strategic (re)positioning of shopping centres and retail parks as well as professional support with regard to real estate investments. Our strength comes from the interdisciplinary approach we take to three specific areas: Location, Legal and Finance. Our expertise in these three areas allows us to provide customized solutions and effective strategies, which our team directly implements in the most practical manner possible.

Your benefit from the result: tailormade solutions and efficient strategies – with everything handled by us!  

Why BergsTopp* ? We have chosen a mountain peak as our symbol for a reason: it stands for both top achievement and the very best quality, and we would like to accompany you on your way to the top.  To succeed at the highest level, we also place an all-important requirement on ourselves: Always negotiate! We never leave the room without negotiating the best possible result for you.


*) "Bergstopp" is Swedish and means "mountain peak"

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